Monday, August 22, 2016

CRAM: Cathedral Grove

So... back to Plan A.

It is about time too, don'tcha think?

So, to play catchup, this is the tale of a road trip my wife and I had over a month ago.  We left the kids in the care of their grandparents in Ontario, then flew to British Columbia for an epic adventure, and to hang out with Scavengers. We are currently on day two of our adventure, on Vancouver Island.

In the timeline of this tale we have just pulled into the parking lot of a place known as Cathedral Grove.

Cathedral Grove is one of few remaining patches of old growth forest.  It is full of the towering Douglas Firs, many over 350 years old, as well as some giant cedar trees.

The park that contains these trees has several miles of well groomed trails where one can walk among these gentle giants, which we gladly did.  It was very peaceful in those woods, and surprisingly insect free.

There were also a couple geocaches, of which both now have my signature in the logs, as one would expect.

Of course the dappled light filtering down from the tree tips made for some excellent camera fodder.
 I even caught a glimpse of a rare wood elf, (don't tell my wife, but this wood elf captured my heart with her mysterious elven powers... someday I shall marry her...).
The trails leads one to the edge of a lake (in fact the same lake that is featured at the end of the previous post, and this one for that matter.)
The geek in me needs to point out that these woods reminded me of Endor (the moon where the Ewoks live in Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi).  I know that the Endor scenes were filmed in the woods in northern California, however I believe (tho am not certain) that these woods are a continuation of those woods, so these woods could simply be considered the dark side of the moon. (cue Pink Floyd album references!)
So we spent a couple hours here, and was one of the highlights of our trip (tho there are many more highlights to come). It was time to keep on going down the road.

However before we do, its time to take one last look at that big lake, Cameron Lake.
So check one big item off the trip target list.  It isn't even lunch time on the second day!  Not to shabby.

There is still more day to come, but that will be in the next post.  It is action packed, and contains livestock in places where livestock is not normally stocked live, and living out literally a figurative Canadian metaphor.

Stay tuned.