Sunday, September 04, 2016

CRAM: Opening The Gates Of Hell

Deep in the heart of British Columbia, in a location where many would use the terms "beautiful", "amazing", and "paradise", lives the gates of Hell.

I know, because I have been there, and I lived to tell the tale.

Don't believe me, eh?

Silly mortals.

Let me assure you it is a real place.  It is a narrowing of the Fraser River in the interior of British Columbia, where the waters flow fast and deep, which is hell, apparently, for boats sending supplies up and down the river.

Today it is a tourist attraction.  To get to the main complex one can walk (ha!) or take an airtram (yes please), deep into the canyon where the Fraser river runs.
Once you are down closer to the level of the River, you really get a sense of the power where the mighty river flows though the narrow canyon. There is also a suspension bridge where one can walk across the river.
As always in Canadian places, there exists an inuksuk.  This pleases me.
There are a few things to do at the visitor center, like panning for "gold", and a museum, but its main attraction is the nature itself (the way it should be).  We used it as a break on our road trip to eat lunch and grab some photos.  We spent maybe an hour there.
Once completed, it was time to take the airtram back up the canyon.
Hell's Gate made a wonderful diversion on our way thru British Columbia, and I got to experience first hand some of the awesome things nature has to offer.  Well worth the stop... however we had to move on... Kamloops awaits.