Sunday, March 18, 2018

Hockey Night In Canada

This is a bit delayed, but life has been throwing me curveballs this past few months.  However back over Christmas break I was back in Canada visiting family. While there I attended a hockey game with my in-laws. 

The game was OHL level between the Mississauga Stealheads and the Hamilton Bulldogs.

We had seats right along the glass, which gave me excellent angles, but at times annoying reflections - such is life, eh?

In order to practice getting better at sports photography, I spent a lot of time tracking the flow of the game and trying to capture peak action.  I was just getting into my groove when, during the 2nd period intermission, I was told by a staff member that I wasn't allowed to "have that size of lens in the arena without a press pass." So I stopped taking photos.

Despite that interruption I think I did a decent job.  What do you think?