Sunday, September 16, 2018

Hurricane Florence: A Status Update

Quick update on Florence for those of our friends and family who are not from around here.

TL;DR,  Florence is dull for us so far, may get more exciting later.

So unlike most of the state to the east of us, we've gotten very little rain.  It has been a slow drizzle all morning, but I suspect we haven't gotten much more than an inch so far here.

That may change this afternoon, but I suspect its not going to be all that bad.

This is the weather radar as I write this:

The green areas are "bring an umbrella, maybe" type of rain,  The yellows are getting closer to the "bring a canoe" levels of rain.  So for the afternoon were likely only getting a constant misting of rain.  If/when the yellow stuff hits, we may get 3-4 inches.

However that won't affect us much.  The creek behind our house, which has a tendancy to rise a fair amount when it rains, has only risen a few inches.  It has 8ft before it crests its bank (and another 2 before it would get to the house, which it never has), so unless something way dramatic happens beyond what is being forecast, I don't see that happening. Especially considering Florence is underperforming based on its forecasts (at least for us).

Schools are closed tomorrow, which is nice.

So, we're good.  Continue to send your prayers, concerns, and charitable donations to the east.