Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What the What?

The following surreal moment is based on a true story that happened while returning to my hotel from a restaurant in Zurich.

Picture, if you will, walking thru a back street in a European town.
It is dark and stormy.

You hear operatic singing in the distance.
You keep walking, and see a light glowing in a park.

You go to investigate, as one does.
The singing gets louder - there is a violin playing.

As you get closer still you see a 20-something girl walking around
She is singing opera while constructing a green-house looking structure

The violin player plays on from the darkness.
The girl sings and constructs.

She stops.
Spoken word springs forth from the structure.

More lights come on.
It is all bright and weird.
Culture shock ensues.

Makes me question exactly what was put into my Hooters burger.