Saturday, May 15, 2021

Photography Scavenger Hunt Round 31: Fluffy

 The 31st round of the Photography Scavenger Hunt is upon us.  This is my entry for the word "Fluffy" 

I had troubles thinking of ideas for fluffy, and as such it was the last shot I did for this round.  The only idea I had was Deadpool slicing a stuffed toy.  However I had a similar shot, much better executed, in this round already, so it seemed like a cop-out to do a second half-assed one (I prefer to use my whole ass for my work).

However, sometimes a cop-out is required to get a shot for the hunt, especially when one runs out of creative steam after a long, but fun-filled, hunt round.

I got a sack of toys from Good Will which contained a stuffed doll, and decapitated it - ya know, as one does.

I then set up the scene so Deadpool was swinging his katana at the doll.

The doll has a wire shoved through it, and another wire holding the head up.

To save on some gnarly composite work I cheated on the katana posing.  To get the scale I wanted I grabbed the hand and katana from my 18" Deadpool, and mounted it in front of my 12" Deadpoool. This way the blade would be nice and large in frame, but would look like it was attached to the smaller figure.

This is the final shot with no compositing and minimal cleanup and colour grading.