Saturday, January 28, 2023

Shop Notes: 2023-01-28 - Dragon Quest Priming

 Todays goal was to get the dragon model primed.  Normally I prime my figures using an air brush.  However, due to the size of this figure, using spray paint from a rattle can made more sense, both from an economical and a time saving perspective.  I use Krylon Paint + Primer satin black as my preferred paint for this sort of thing. 

Using a spray can requires taking the model outside to spray it, so I don't fill the house with paint fumes.  Fortunately the weather was conducive to that - thats not always the case during winter here in North Carolina.m.  High 50s, and dry.

It took me all afternoon to get the models painted  - spray part of it, literally wait for paint to dry, move it, spray another section, rinse-repeat.  I waited an hour between sprays, and an hour before bringing the model back inside.   I am now letting it sit overnight to ensure the paint+primer hardens properly.