Sunday, February 05, 2023

Boba Fett In The Mist

It is funny how inspiration strikes when you're not looking for it.

Took this yesterday on my local walking trail. I've walked that trail several dozen times now. When I walk it in the morning the rising sun shines through the trees. I've taken a few janky videos of it, but nothing serious. I never walk the trail with my camera bag, so I just use my cell phone most of the time.

I love walking it in freezing temps - it hardens up the mud, and I love wearing a hoodie with the hood up when I walk, which means the temps have to be cold, else I overheat. Friday evening, just before bed, I was thinking about the next day and how I was looking forward to hitting up the trail: how it was going to be well below freezing, and mostly sunny, so the sunlight in the trees will be excellent. Suddenly this image here formed in my brain, fully baked, with the mist, light, location. Everything.

5 minutes later I had my camera bag packed, and waiting by the door so I wouldn't forget it the next day for my hike.

The above image is the result.