Wednesday, October 04, 2023

16 days and counting...

 I am currently in the process of printing off the parts for a highly articulated 2/5 scale Wall-E.  I have about half the parts printed, and so far the print total is 388 hours of solid printing.  Thats... well,  a lot.  16.16 days to be precise.

Thats... a lot.

I said I have half the parts are printed, but that actually comprises most of the volume.  What is left is primarily Wall-e's wheels, which have 70 parts just for the treads.  However thats a small percentage of the volume, which is mostly in his body and head.  Since filament print times are gated on volume, not number of parts, I expect the rest of Wall-E to be printed off in about a weeks time.

Still, thats a heck of a lot of printing, and, knock on wood, only one minor print failure so far.  Thats a remarkable success rate for such things, considering I am using a stock hobby-level printer (Prusa Mini).

OK, enough talking... I gotta swap the empty filament spool for a full one and get back to printing.