Sunday, July 07, 2024

Gun'Dam Relaxation

Not sure why - likely cause my summer vacation is approaching, but I wanted to create a relaxed scene for my next project.   Since I am freshly armed with an RX-78-2 High Grade Gundam model, I decided to send that model to sit under a nice old tree, and ponder its existence (contemplating robots are the best robots).

Since I lacked such a scene, I needed to make one.   I started by using an old branch that I 3D printed but didn't use from my recent Treebeard model builld, and then made a scene that the Gundam robot could sit and ponder under.

Fairly simple built so far.   This is the work in progress.  I need to let it dry before I can continue. As Tom Petty once crooned, the waiting is, indeed, the hardest part.