Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Its insanely great!

Lets take a mental trip shall we?

Now, imagine if you will, a place with all the food you can eat. A place with an oriental bent. Chinese food at its most average, but lots of it. Are you there with me? Good.

Now, amongst the fine selection of oriental fare, sweet'n' sour meats, veggies, and noodles, is a whole section of salads and salad related items. Lettuce, carrots, pastas, potatoes, radishes...

Who cares! you may cry, and you would be correct to frown upon my odd fixation on the table of leafy greens, and uncooked, shaved carrots.

"What about General T'so? you may be wondering. Or perhaps your thoughts are bent towards the Shanghai Noodles... "All that deliciousness, so why the salads?"

I'll tell you why, but you better sit down first.

Amongst the pickled beats and freshly(if last week counts as fresh) toasted croutons is a special salad. A mans salad. A salad made entirely of meat.

I am sure that just blew your mind, so let me repeat that last part.

A salad made entirely of meat!

I am not talking some sort of fishy meat. I mean pork. Cubes of delicous ham with herbs.

Isn't that insanely great?

And now you understand why I like salads now.