Tuesday, April 10, 2007


One Dave's Trip to California

A couple weeks ago I went to California for a work trip. This is not about work, or trips. But it is about California. You see, California is an interesting place, but its also wrong. oh so very wrong.

My first stop was in Santa Monica, near Los Angeles. Santa Monica is a beautiful place. The beach is spectactular, and everywhere you look you see palm trees, and othe tropical plants.

On Saturday I walked around the Santa Monica pier. It was foggy along the beach, but the views were still amazing. I spent some time walking along the Third St Promenade, which is a pedestrian only street that extends for 4 blocks. (think Ottawas Byward Market but more tropical). The promenade has many stores, restaurants, and street performers. The pic on the left shows some break dancers who were simply amazing.

Later on in the afternoon, I drove around Beverly Hills, and Hollywood, and thats when I realized that Los Angeles and the surrounding area is like Britney Spears - looks good on the outside, but when you look deeper you realize that theres nothing really there of any interest.

Unless you happen to be a total pop culture Hollywood whore, LA is void of interest. Everything seems geared towards the entertainment industry. Theres no depth, no substance. Is a total sham job.

Its a nice place to visit, but I'm glad the visit was only for four days.