Friday, June 25, 2010

Beer, Diaper Bags and Church Keys

So I am in a hotel with a bottle of Spaten Premium lager imported from Munich (Munchen has great beer) and annoyingly, like a lot of beer purchased in the US, it is not a twist off cap. I don't have a bottle opener handy... what to do? Luckily I adopted a puppy...

... wait, what?

So 4 months ago we adopted Snoopy, a cocker spaniel mix. Snoopy is a pretty good hound, but in his early days in my house he chewed off all of the zipper pulls from my sons diaper bag. Not the worst thing he could have done, but it is annoying to deal with those little zippers on the bag... Luckily I went on vacation...

... OK, now you're just babbling. Start making sense!

So as souvenirs during our New England tour we have been buying key chains from various locations and using them as replacement zipper pulls. So far we have a Statue Of Liberty bear keychain from Manhattan, a Cape Cod Potato Chip keychain from Cape Cod, and a Mystic Pizza church key keychain from Mystic CT... Aha! Solution!

So: vacation + chewy puppy + baby bag = deliciousness for the bear man. Ain't life's little coincidences grand?

As an aside: I just opened a beer bottle with my sons diaper bag... am I redneck enough for Lenoir yet?