Thursday, November 25, 2010


It is Thanksgiving in America today.  Proving once again that Canada is ahead of the US (we celebrated ours last month, y'all).  In the spirit of the holiday these are some of the things I am thankful for, in no particular order:

  • Zeke... my cute little offspring.  He's awesome, especially for being a micro me.
  • My wife Debbie - she is the best thing that happened to me - I include in that list my hackintosh, and cake.
  • Cake!  Even though its a lie, it is a delicious lie.
  • That my wife and I was able to attend the Great Big Sea concert in Charlotte NC this year- getting to see Canadian music up close and personal again was a real treat for this expat.
  • Seeing Petra live - a childhood dream come true.
  • Cows, and the ability to cook them.
  • Being able to live near the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Life is  always better when you are near mountains.
  • Working for Google.  An amazing company that may actually care about the people that use its services more than it does about making money.  Plus we have a car that drives itself, and you don't, so neener neener.
  • Tilley hats
  • Leathermans
  • Bailey the wonder puppy
  • Battery powered sawz-alls
  • Billion dollar military satellites and the ability to use them to find tupperware in the woods.
  • The opportunity to have travelled to 13 countries so far, many of them with my wonderful wife.
  • That my wife has found new friends, and new hobbies, in our new home, and isn't hating me for dragging her to another country and away from her family.
  • Yo-yos.  They are still fun.
  • Eggnog... cause eggnog is awesome.
  • Turkey in bacon form.
  • Turkey not in bacon form.
  • bacon