Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day: Lets Go Caching!

It is Fathers Day today, and against all odds, I happen to be a father.  As a present I got two things: A geocaching shirt, and a geocaching adventure up in the mountains of North Carolina.

The t-shirt, viewable <-- there, has a version of the classic geocaching slogan "I use multi-million dollar satellite equipment to find tupperware in the woods".    I received it at breakfast, so I wore it to church (cause thats how I roll), and afterwards we headed up to the mountains.

You can see me in the middle - look for the
orange shirt ;)

It was raining for most of the two hour drive to the first cache, and was still raining quite heavily when I started the hunt.  I rarely let weather stop me, especially after travelling so far.  The tricky part was that this cache involved climbing up a steep dirt slope, which was now slick with rain.  Determined, I made the ascent, found the cache, and made it back down to the car without wiping out.

The second cache presented its own problems.  The terrain was relatively flat woods, but my GPS reception sucked due to the rain so I had a 100ft search radius (normally its 14ft or so).   It took me about 20 minutes of searching, but I finally managed  to come up with the find.

Luckily the rain stopped before the third cache, so Zeke and Debbie were able to join me on the remaining hunts, as can be seen in these next few pics.

Zeke loved walking in the woods, and spent a goodly amount of time hunting his favourite prey:  sticks.

All in all we hunted for, and found, seven caches in total.  Not to bad given we only had a single afternoon, and spent 4 hours of it driving.

It was a fantastic good time, and an awesome way to spend a Fathers Day.

Oh... Before I let you go... here is a WTF? pic my wife took while on the hunt for cache #6... it is a doorway... and nothing else.  It backs onto what appears to be a parking lot. Why?  Who knows :)

Until next time, this was this time, on Caching With Dave.