Sunday, October 30, 2011

Renaissance Festival

The parents-in-laws have been in town for the last few days.  On Saturday we went to the Renaissance Festival in Huntersville NC.   None of us had been to a Renaissance Festival before so we didn't really know what to expect.  It turns out is is like a state fair but with fewer carnies and much more fun.

The rest of this post will mainly be in pictures, but first I'll highlight a couple things that made this day extra special:
  • It was Halloween weekend so all of the booths had candy to give to the kids.  Once Zeke clued into this delicious fact he spent a good amount of time walking into the booths and yelling "treat!" until he got some candy.  He ended up with quite the haul.
  • I was wearing a geocaching shirt, and because of it I met several other geocachers, including the Blacksmith, and the dude that sold me my lunch.
  • Any "meat on a stick" is tasty.
Now, on to the photos....

Turkey legs qualify as Meat On A Stick.

Zeke smelling the rose I bought for my wife.

The "hero" for the joust.


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Unknown said...

Totally AWESOME post! I love the family time that you build into your blog, it makes it more personal and very interesting to me. Looks like another nice trip for you and the family! Thanks for sharing!