Monday, December 05, 2011

Geocaching Adventures: Cache Run By Favourite Points

Recently I was in a new area and I only had a few hours to do some caching.  So I loaded up a pocket query for all caches with a 10 mile radius, sorted by favourite points, and started going down the list.  The following slideshow is some of the best of that cache run. (note: If you didn't get any of that, just translate to: "Here is a bunch of caches other people liked a lot")

**SPOILER ALERTS** If you live in this area, or are planning to travel to this area, you may not want to view these.  However since you don't know which area, and no one lives in this area (not to mention that if you were a cacher who did live in that area you'd have found them already), this shouldn't be a problem. At least for me.  Maybe for you, but thats your problem, not mine.  I am not your mother - go solve your own problems.

I present you, a few hours of caching in [UNDISCLOSED LOCATION]: