Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Geocaching Adventures: Millenium Quest

 A often celebrated milestone in geocaching is getting 1000 finds.  It is typical for a cacher to pick a special cache to count as their 1000th.

 I realized a while ago that a confluence of events was transpiring which would allow me to reach my own 1000 find milestone, or what I have dubbed my Millenium Cache, in my homeland of Canada.

When we set off to Canada, a two day trip from our current home in North Carolina, I had 25 finds to go. We had 600+ miles to make up (with a toddler in the car no less).

This post documents in pictures my Millenium Quest to find enough caches so I can get my Millenium Cache.

Sadly this post does not include my actual Millenium Cache... that is deserving of a post all its own, but  happily these events have brought me to a find count of 999:

So which cache will be my 1000th?  Will it be an epic journey through the ice and snow of the Canadian frozen north?  A grueling 10 part multi-cache through the streets of Toronto?  A park and grab at the local Tim Hortons?  Perhaps a scuba cache in chilly Lake Erie?  

To find out, Tonka Tyke says:

"Stay tuned, eh?
It's gonna be a beauty."