Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Geocaching Adventure: The House On The Hill

Last Saturday my wife and I went on a geocaching adventure in Charlotte NC.  Most of that adventure was documented here: Geocaching Adventures: Octopus Garden.  I saved our last adventure of the day for its own post.

The cache description just said that there is an old abandoned house off in the woods. It goes on to say that it is likely a murder took place here, but otherwise it is not known why it is abandoned.  It also went on to give very specific instructions on how to get to the house without trespassing on private property.

We arrived at the parking coords about an hour before sunset, and started towards GZ. We had about 1/10th of mile walking on the shoulder of a busy road, then we took a left turn at a broken down gate and walked another 1/3rd of a mile down an overgrown pathway, and after a bit of searching around we arrived at the front door of the house.

To say the house is run down is an understatement.  There are no windows or doors, the porch has all but collapsed, and the roof has caved in in several spots.  Definitely not your typical fixer-upper.

When one approaches a structure like that one of the main concerns is cranky squatters.  So it was a bit concerning when we got around to the side and started hearing tapping and shuffling noises coming from the front of the house.

We determined that it was probably just the wind, so we continued on to the building.  Suddenly my wife called out "Whoa! Buzzards!".

It turns out the noises we heard were actually two huge buzzards walking on the roof.  They finally had enough of us and flew off to a nearby tree to sit and stare at us.

They didn't bother us again, but they certainly added to the creepy factor.

The house is a complete disaster.  There were TVs and other equipment strewn about, and there were several pairs of childrens shoes on the ground.

Whatever happened here certainly didn't happen in a planned manner.

We located the cache container and signed the log, then we started back to the car.  This is definitely one of the creepier caches I've done, and certainly one of the more interesting ones.

I leave you with a few more pictures from the house: