Saturday, March 17, 2012

North Carolina Zoo

Earlier this week I suggested to my wife that we go on an adventure this weekend as it is one of the few weekends left before our daughter is due to be born.  She suggested that we head to the zoo.

The North Carolina Zoo is 2.5 hours away, so this morning at 6:30AM we piled into the "Mini-Van Of Adventure And Awesomeness"(tm)  and headed half-way across the state.

This was Zekes first time at a zoo, so we were not sure how he would take being that close to real animals (he tends to be a cautious child).  It turns out he absolutely loved it.  His attention span lasted about twice as long as I expected it to (about 4 hours), and when we got back to the car he fell asleep literally within seconds.

This was also the first chance I had to really run my new camera through its paces, so I took a lot of photos.  The following are a small sample of the animals we saw.  
My wife also took some photos, which should be viewable here.