Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Truth Is Out There

You never know what conspiracies you will uncover when you go geocaching and poke your nose in the dark and less travelled places of the world.

 Ever wonder what really happened to Elvis? Did he really die in 1977? Did he move to Tweed Ontario? Did he change his name to Stan and start selling carpets out of the back of a white panel van in Idaho?  I now know the truth.

 It turns out he was abducted by aliens and morphed into a different creature. I give you this photographic evidence:

Zeke was not impressed.  If you think about it, who is Elvis to a toddler? To him the King of Rock and Roll is daddy (Rock on!).  A badge I wear proudly.

Conveniently the new Elvis comes equipped with a secret compartment that contained a log sheet. Zeke signed his name right below mine.  This was his 50th find, which is pretty good for someone who is not old enough to know what 50 means.

We then fashioned a pair of walking sticks for the long 100ft walk back to the van.

So now you know the horrible full story.  Tell your friends and call your congressman.  The truth must be told.

Have you ever uncovered a conspiracy when caching? Let me know in the comments section below.