Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Alien Invasion Continues

Some more alien travel bugs have landed and are racing back home. So far 7 alien travel bugs have arrived (still waiting on the Australian one, but hey, it is on the other side of the world...), and most have been placed in caches already.

(Update: Just got word that the Australian drone just arrived, so all 8 are accounted for)

 The following are some more pictures taken by the awesome cachers who have helped with this project.

 Note: If you are new to this whole alien travel bug race thing, you can learn about, and keep track of, the travel bug race here.

The first picture was taken by idajo2 with Drone #1.  It is taken at her bird feeder in Washington.

This guy is drone #3, released by darrylw4 (host of, and taken at his post office box when the travel bug arrived in Michigan.

Drone #4 was dropped off at Breakwater Lighthouse in Maine.  Astute readers may remember brdad as being the creator of the most excellent travel bug, In Casus Ursus.

Drone #5 was the first alien to make it overseas.  Released by Luminesence, it is pictured here at the first cache the alien visited, a nano.  He is currently on a small tour of Britain before being placed in a cache to start his portion of the race.