Saturday, August 18, 2012

Geocaching Adventures: Little Free Library

While caching today with my family on International Geoaching Day, I stumbled across a real gem of a cache.

To avoid too much spoilers (the pics in this post are no more spoilers than what are in the cache listing) I'll skip telling you the location, or the name of the cache, however I will tell you it is in the middle of a city.

The cache is in a cabinet in the middle of a really awesome courtyard between a couple rows of century old townhouses. The cabinet houses a little library where anyone can take or leave a book.  Completely on the honour system.

The cache itself?  Exactly what you'd expect. Guess.

Bison tube? No

film can?  No

Magnetic key holder?  pill bottle?  Ammo can, LOL? No. No. No.

It is, of course, a book.  Specifically an old VHS case (remember those things?) done up to resemble a book.

This is probably the coolest little urban cache I've come across.  In fact I liked it so much when I got back to the van (I had ventured solo on this one, leaving my wife with the reading/sleeping kids in the van), I insisted my wife go and see it for herself.

This is a reminder to all of us who hide geocaches that we can do better than bison tubes in trees, or key holders in guardrails.  We can, given enough effort, put out awesomeness.


Mark Nenadov said...

Very neat find!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That is awesome!!

CrazyCris said...


Referring both to the geocache, and the little library! I saw one of those on a corner in Mainz in Germany and I thought it was a brilliant idea! Sadly would only work in a place where people follow the honour system...

Ann said...

What a great cache, and a very pretty area by the looks of it. Yes this does make a great change from the norm.
And lovely that there are honest folk about to have an honesty library like that.

Erika Jean said...

GC#? I want to ass this one to the "to do" list ;-)

Wisconsin Parent said...

I have one of these! GC41161!