Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Sunday In Hickory

After church today I got into the Geovan of Destiny with my trusty dog Bailey and headed over to Hickory NC to grab some caches.

My adventures took me to Glen Hilton Park, a place where I had cached before, but there have been some new ones published by a local cacher with a reputation for quality hides that I wanted to check out.

After clearing the park I decided to take a walk around the campus of Lenoir-Rhyne University while completing a 6 stage multi-cache.

You never know what one will find when one goes out caching, and today was no exception.  The art above was on the side of a drainage culvert.  The image below was on an old wall hidden deep in the back woods of Glen Hilton Park:

As I was at GZ searching for the second cache of the day, I got a call from my son (via my wife) to give me some news about a milestone with my sons potty training.  I captures the moment so you all can share the excitement:

One of the caches had a crisp 100 dollar bill as a log book.  I of course immediately grabbed it and ran signed the log and put it back.  It was actually just the back of a piece of paper from a novelty pad.

This beast guarding LRU was one of the stops on the 6 stage multi-cache.

This guy was hanging out at the edge of a garden.  When I saw him my first thought was this Monty Python sketch.

Ye olde ginormous saxaphone outside the music building at LRU.

I found 8 caches today (including 2 I had DNFd previously),  0 DNFs, and many new things discovered.  All in all a very satisfying day of geocaching.