Sunday, February 03, 2013

In The Podcaster Studio

Some of you may be familiar with +Andrew Smith, who co-hosts the +Geocaching Podcast, and the brains behing the GeoSnippits Reboot podcast.

Recently I had a chance to visit the GeoSnippits studio where Andy does his recording and producing for this various audio and video productions.

You have likely seen him from the point of view of the cameras while doing his shows (if you haven't, click the links above to check them out - go ahead, we'll wait - just kidding, I'm continuing on - try to catch up later).

Now in a stunning photo-journalling event, and literally seconds of negotiations (I asked to come over, he said "yeah, sure") exclusive (not really) expose (-ish, it is really just some pictures), I took my cameras behind the scenes (this part is accurate) to bring to you my loyal readership, the place where magic happens - where dreams are made - where podcasts are casted.

Disclaimer:  magic doesn't actually happen, and any made dreams are merely coincidental, but it is pretty neat.

I give you... The GeoSnippits Studio!  Now in stunning 2D!


Unknown said...

Oh man, I'm so jealous! That looks like such a cool trip. Andy seems like a super great guy too. And Dave, you look like a celeb yourself there brother. Never know, it could happen!

Erika Jean said...

Pretty cool! Looks like some pretty high tech stuff!