Monday, March 11, 2013

Diurnal Night Caching

I love doing night caching, however they normally require darkness to do them properly.  Night caches are done by following a series of reflectors, which are illuminated by flashlights.

I found myself at the start of a night cache on Saturday - at 3PM in the afternoon, on the sunniest day I've seen since October.

You will probably agree with me that this is the  exact wrong conditions in which a night cache should be attempted.

My solution:  An insanely bright (3,000 lumen) flashlight called a Firesword.   To put the word "insanely" in perspective, consider that your average flashlight is 20-50 Lumens, and tactical flashlights are 200-300 Lumens.  A firesword is a portable headlight.  It will damage your eye site if you look directly at it.  It is *bright*.  Just the thing to have with you in a day-time night cache attempt.

Why am I telling you this? No reason. I just wanted to show a picture of my geocaching partner puppy, and I needed a good story context for it. She was there when I found the cache.
This is Bailey. She likes chew toys and chasing squirrels. She loves a good walk in the woods, and is incredibly gentle with infants and toddlers. Rarely barks, and seldom drools. Sits and stays on command, and loves a good cuddle in the evenings.  I just wanted to tell you how awesome she is; and that her owner has a cool flashlight.

Specifically this one, pictured with the GPSr and ammo can at the final of the night cache in question.

So in summation, when it comes to night caching during the day, lumens are your friend,  and so is your dog. Respect them both, and take them geocaching frequently.


Anonymous said...

I must agree to disagree ! =:)
Night caching is not only follow reflectors with a flashlight - It's also UV light ! I own a especially design cache for night caching and UV light night caching ! You also need a regular flashlight so you can see where your feet go, but without the UV light you can't read the instructions and follow the fluorescent spiders along the track to the bigger spiders ! =:)

Unknown said...

Cool article, and I like the idea of a UV light night cache...the possiblities...