Saturday, April 20, 2013

CITO at AnneSpringsClose Greenway

We are in the middle of the 11th Annual CITO weekend.

To celebrate the occasion I loaded the entire family (wife, kids, parents) into the Geo-Van of Destiny and headed 80 miles south across the state line to the AnneSpringsClose greenway.

The AnneSpringsClose greenway is more of a private plantation turned park than a simple path in the woods that "greenway" typically implies.  It is full of old buildings, horse pastures, creeks, and various other outdoor activities.

Today they held an Earth Day celebration so the place was hoping with activities, petting zoos, and lots of yummy food.

There were actually two geocaching events at the greenway today.  The first was a booth that YoGo (York County Geocaching Organization) had set up to promote geocaching.  They published four new caches in the park, and anyone who completed all four received a shiny pathtag.  The second event was at the end of the day, and was a CITO to help clean up the park after the festivities.

We spent the morning walking around the park, finding all of the caches and building up an appetite.  Once we earned our pathtags, we headed over to eat some food and relax until CITO time.

It was a fun way to kill a day, and I helped to clean up our playground a bit as well. Not a bad deal.  I have another local CITO event to attend tomorrow, but in the mean time, I have great memories of caching in South Carolina.  I leave you with this shot of three generations of geocachers in hot pursuit of tupperware.