Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Sparks, Flames, Fire, Oh My!

Last night around 8:30 PM I was sitting on my couch in my living room, home alone, when I started hearing popping and crackle sounds from outside. I just figured it was some yokel setting off fireworks or something so I ignored it.

A few minutes later I let the dog out so she could de-water.  Thats when I looked up the street and was shocked to see many flashing lights of emergency vehicles, and an erie orange glow coming from the backyard of my neighbours house three doors down.

Curious I grabbed my camera and headed over to take a closer look.  There was a rather large looking bonfire burning in the back yard - we're talking a 20ft diameter blaze - a  little more than is required to roast some weenies

Seems a neighbour had lit a fire to burn some yard waste, and it got a bit out of control, and all sorts of city ordinances and EPA regulations were violated (like good music at a Justin Beiber concert) so while the fire wasn't really endangering anything, it had to go.

Shortly thereafter my family came home, and my son wanted to go check out the fire so I headed back over to the fire with him in tow.  This time I brought my camera with me, and managed to grab a shot of the Lenoir Fire Departments finest putting out the fire:

Fire is out, just need to ensure no sparks remain:

So that was my unexpected mini-adventure for the evening. You never know what you'll find when you let your dog out to pee at night.  Also a great reason to keep your camera handy at all times.