Friday, May 24, 2013

There Be Dragons Here

There Be Dragons Here is a new series of caches recently placed by HeadHardHat.  The series is remarkable in two important ways.

First off the containers are well done.  Each container is decorated with a dragon figurine that is epoxied on to a plastic ammo can.  Second, the series is published on multiple listing services, which is unique, at least in my experience.

The series is made up of 4 dragon caches that are each listed on separate listing services (,,, and

Each of these dragon caches contain clues that lead to a 5th dragon, which is a puzzle cache listed on,, and (Groundspeak doesn't play well with others, and didn't want the final cross-posted on

As of this writing the dragon is not yet published.  However I did get the coordinates from HeadHardHat so I could beta test the puzzle for him (turns out there were some bugs, now fixed).

All of the dragons are 50-200ft off of a well maintained greenway system, and the small amount of bushwhacking is light and very kid friendly - my toddler, Tonka Tyke, found 2 of the dragons without any issues.

If you are in the Cary, NC area, I highly recommend checking out this series.  Here are a few more pics of some of the dragons, starting with a shot of one of the dragons on the ammo can:

Another plucky dragon.

Tonka Tyke almost squealed when he saw his first dragon cache. He then proceeded to try and feed it leaves. Cause: toddler.

You can get more information on this series at: