Sunday, September 29, 2013

NCGO Fall Fling 2013

The North Carolina Geocaching Organization (NCGO) puts on an event for all North Carolina geocachers (and the surrounding states) every year.  This year it was held at Frank Liske Park in Concord NC.

The event is family orientated - geared more as a family reunion than a geocaching event - so there were lots of activities to do for the kids.

Zeke participated in an ammo can painting event, and both kids took part in the easter egg hunt.

I took part in a odd-ball container swap.  Folks brought unique and different containers, placed them in paper bags, and left them on the table.  Later on we all selected a different bag.  Think of it as a Christmas gift exchange but with caches (so better!).  I ended up with a bouquet of flowers with a cache attached.  Stick that sucker in a garden and its gonna be a beast to find.

There were also vendors, a silent auction, and really delicious food.

There was, as you'd expect from a geocaching event, geocaching.  Just before the event 16 new geocaches were published that were part of a geocaching bingo contest.   I only found one of these, but I did manage to grab 7 other caches that were hidden in the park.  I brought my mountain bike with me so I could get some range in, and not spend all my time and energy walking.  This proved to be a great time saver (and a great deal of fun).

Headhardhat and the Headhardhatress were also in attendance, as evidenced by this photo:
Abigail participating in the egg hunt.
 Zeke and mommy also participated.  Zeke got quite the haul of candy and prizes.
A passel of cachers during the anouncements of the silent auction winners.
More cachers listening intently to see who won the silent auction items.
Once everything was over, Abigail chilled in her stroller, eating some delicious snacks.
This was my second Fall Fling, and this one was as enjoyable as the last.  I can't wait until the next one.