Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Case In Point

I have often said that it doesn't take a great deal of effort to make a mediocre geocache hide into something a little more special.

A good cache has an interesting location, or an interesting container. Bonus points for both.

Last Saturday I found a cache that helps underline this idea.

The first thing that makes this cache interesting is the location. The location is the edge of a semi-rural road.  It is busy, 45MPH or so, and along the side is what appears to be rough brush land - nothing special right?


Stepping just a few feet into the woods brings you to an old Civil War era cemetery.  This cemetery is not visible from the road, and there is no driveway - you have to walk to it - so there is no reason why anyone would ever visit... unless you are a cacher.

The second thing that makes this cache interesting is that the cache owner took the time to make the container a little bit special.  They attached a bison tube to a small statue of Death.  They used JB Weld - I bet it took no more than 10-15 minutes to produce - but they ended up with a fun and unique cache that was thematic for its location near a cemetery.

So very simple touches.  Nice location, interesting container.  Simple things but the result is that, instead of a random, boring, bison tube randomly placed in the woods, we have a statue in a secret Civil War ceremony.  In other words, instead of a cache that has been done a hundred times, we have a cache that is worth writing a story about.

This one got a very enthusiastic favourite point.