Monday, March 17, 2014

The Wizards Box

My latest cache is made from recycled materials.

Last year a tree fell in my backyard.  (I was there to see it, and it didn't make a sound).  Contained on said tree was a bird house (the prettiest birdhouse that you ever did see).   The house got damaged a bit during the felling, and I didn't have a place to put it back up, so it sat in my basement, mocking me.

I decided to make a geocache out of it.

It has become my latest cache creation.  I call it The Wizards Box.  It is a bit of a gadget cache in that you need to do some "magic" to retrieve the container with the log book.

Inside is a PVC pipe, and in the bottom of that pipe is a bison tube with some metal bits JB Welded onto it.  Unless one has extraordinarily long fingers one cannot reach the logbook.

The perch has a rare-earth magnet on the end.  One needs to extract the perch, and use the magnet to fish out the container from the hole.  Once that is accomplished it is a simple matter to open the bison tube and sign the log.

This is my first in-field puzzle cache that I have put together.  The cache description is here: The Wizards Box.  What do you think of it?  Let me know in the comments below.