Sunday, May 25, 2014

GeoWoodstock XII: Caching The Katy

One of the best things about attending a GeoWoodstock event is that it is not just one event.  There are many side events that one can attend as well - it is really a long weekend of fun and excitement.

The day after GeoWoodstock 12 was one such event: biking and caching along the Katy, which is a trail that runs 238 miles north/south along the Missouri River.  The event was held at a bike shop where I was able to rent a bike for the afternoon.

The trail - at least the section I rode - is all hard-packed limestone, which can get really sloppy when it gets soaked. It had rained pretty hard in the morning so many cachers made alternate plans to ride on a paved trail.  However by the time it came to ride the Katy had dried up, so I went on my own with Plan A and road 29.5 miles along the Katy:
Along the way I managed to snag 21 caches - all in 3 hours.  Not to shabby (if I do say so myself).  I also got plenty of views of the Missouri countryside:
Frequent readers of this blog may remember that 29.5 miles is over double what I normally ride in a given day (what do you mean you don't keep track?). So when I got back to the bike shop I was a tired, poor specimen of a bear, and I dragged myself to the Geovan of Destiny for a soak in the hotels hot tub.

Despite the pain in my joints I had a great time, and I would do it again... who's coming with me?