Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Log Signing: Toddler Edition

I have a confession to make:  one of my children has never signed their own cache log... until this weekend.

Yesterday we were out and about grabbing caches and getting into general hijinks. We found a cache in a city park, and as is my custom when I am with my kids - I asked them if they wanted to sign the log.  This is a hit and miss proposition as they often decline.

This time I was pleasantly surprised that Zeke jumped at the chance - probably spurred on by the fact that he recently learned to write his name (the fact that he has a geocaching name of Tonka Tyke escapes him).
 I was more than amused when Abigail also wanted to sign her name - this is more likely spurned on by her ever increasing desire to do whatever her big brother is doing, but I decided to ride the wave.

(apologies for using up so much space in the log - we are working on that. Fortunately it was a fresh log so there is plenty of space left.)
 If you are curious, the cache was at a statue dedicated to the plucky letter carriers who deliver things that are not email to our mailboxes every day.
After the log signing they 'cop'd a lean', and watched the world go by for a few minutes. As Ferris Bueller wisely quoted "life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop to look around once and a while you could miss it."

I am happy to report, this is one of life's moments that is captured.