Sunday, June 08, 2014

WWFM XI: Western North Carolina Edition

Yesterday was World Wide Flash Mob day.  

A geocaching flash mob is where geocachers meet in one spot for 15 short minutes.  Show up, do something, leave - in a flash, one might say.

I hosted a flashmob in Morganton NC.  It was joke themed.  Everyone who showed up cracked jokes for 10 minutes, then we took a group photo. 

I held mine a bit early so we could have time to attend one of the other WWFM events in Asheville NC.

That WWFM was a giant water gun fight.  We fought for 5 minutes, signed logs and chatted for 5 minutes, did a group photo for 5 minutes, then dispersed (aka went geocaching).  The following is a series of pics from the second event, starting with Abigail marching towards battle.

 The first shot was made by the host, OzGuff:
 Others enter the fray.
Yours Truly getting shot in the back... by my own son, no less.
 Its a full on water gun war now.
 OzGuff and Zeke having a stare down.
Zeke and Abigail giving it their all.  Despite being outsized and packing kid-sized weaponry, they did really well.  Both had a blast.
A soaked micro-combatant.
After the battle was over, we all settled in for a group photo.
This was a great deal of fun.  Water gun fights are cool (literally) a blast (metaphorically) and a great way to spend 15 minutes on a Saturday.  Thanks to OzGuff for hosting this event, and for everyone who showed up to either of the WWFM events on Saturday.  Definitely one for the memory books.