Friday, August 22, 2014

The Unusual Emotional Connections To Bell Pay Phones Explained

This shot is for my dad.

When I was a kid (kindergarten age) my father worked for Bell Canada as a phone repair technician in various roles (details fuzzy, but I recall repairs, installation, and management).  

One of my memories from that time is my father pointing out various buildings saying "I installed phones in there!", or "I collected from pay phones in there!"  It became a running joke in the family.

We moved away from that town when I was young, and he switched jobs at the same time.  I've barely been back to that town since.

I went back there a couple weeks ago and visited some of my early haunts, including seeking out a Bell Canada pay phone.

This particular one was taken outside of the convenience store where my father and I used to walk to some evenings, and he would often buy me some hockey cards.

Ah, nostalgia.  Good times.

Here's to you, Dad!