Saturday, September 06, 2014

Lenoir Sculpture Festival 2014 (Part 1)

Today the family and I took a trip to the Broyhill Walking park in our current home town of Lenoir North Carolina.  Here are my favourite sculptures of the many we saw.  Starting with this dragon.
This rather impressively large sculpture turned in the wind.
 The look on this eggs face is awesome.
I am a *huge* sucker for art made from discarded metal bits. This one reminds me of an excited puppy, eager to please his master,
Another gorgeous metal sculpture - this one of an egret.
This carved head is well done.
 A crystal bowl made from chunks of glass.

If you don't understand why this sculpture speaks to me, you clearly haven't been paying enough attention to this blog (a hint is in my profile).

This looks like some sort of amulet, but its 4ft across.   Could also be the head of a wizards staff.
 This sculpture, called Abundance, is well done. Looks a little fragile tho.

Continued in Part 2.