Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Take Me To Your Leader 2014: First Drone Arrives!

Pictured:  Drone #1 with Radagast The Brown
I have an exciting update for the 2014 Travel Bug race.

The first travel bug has arrived in Lenoir!  The lucky first-timer is Drone #1, which was released near Ottawa Ontario Canada.

For reference, if you haven't been following my blog, in April 2014 I mailed 16 travel bugs to geocachers literally around the world.  Their mission was to travel from cache to cache, and cacher to cacher, to see who would arrive first in my home town of Lenoir North Carolina, USA.

All of the race details are here.

The rules of the race state the winner is the drone that arrives to Lenoir in the shortest period of time after being released into a geocache.  Drone #1 was one of the first drones released.  The other drones have up to 63 days to arrive in Lenoir before I can declare a winner.

Some stats for Drone #1:   It travelled a total of 3109.1 miles, and took 158 days to make the journey.  6 geocachers interacted with it along the way, and it went to 158 different geocaches.

This TB is going to be retired and placed in my personal collection.  Stay tuned to find out if it is the ultimate winner, or if another one of the drones will arrive in Lenoir.  Several are close, so this race isn't over yet!