Saturday, October 11, 2014

NCGO Fall Fling 2014

Today the family and I piled into the Geovan of Destiny and drove over to Hagan-Stone park in Greensboro NC to attend the NCGO Fall Fling.

The North Carolina Geocaching Organization has put on this event for the past 8 years, making this year the 9th annual event.  They bill it as a family reunion of North Carolina (and the surrounding states) geocachers.

They have a lot of events for kids. Both Zeke and Abigail loved painting ammo cans, and participating in the micro-cache toss.
There was, of course, lots of geocaching.  The following are some pictures of the day, starting with HeadHardHat walking thru the tree line on his way to the first cache of the day.

The event was held in a corner of the park known as Camp Joy.
I ended up caching with some geocachers I had not met previously.  Here is one of them signing a logsheet.
A walk in the woods is not complete until one walks on an elevated wooden walkway. Fact.
When I arrived back at base camp, Zeke tried to hide from me, with mixed results.  I think Abigail was on to him right away.
The "fun" log, in the shape of the number 9.
After a rather delicious meal, cooked by volunteers from the NCGO, Ranger TJ called out the winners of the silent auctions.
He also encouraged the signing of the "official log".
It was a fun day at Hagan-Stone park.  The kids loved it, as did I.  Here is one last view of one of then lakes in the park.

I can't wait until next years Fall Fling is announced.  It will be the 10th, so I am expecting something extra special.  Stay tuned for details!