Wednesday, November 26, 2014

NaNoWriMo: Final Update From The Winners Circle

So last night I did a marathon sprint, wrote 3,800 words, and finished my novel.  All in time for Turkey Day. This officially makes me a NaNoWriMo Winner (which in their parlance means finishing writing 50K words in the month, not that I actually *win* anything but bragging rights.)

So I have successfully completed writing the first draft of a novel in a month - actually in 23 days. Not to shabby.  I am actually (mostly) happy with most of the novel, which is a bonus.  Feels pretty good to have completed it.

So whats next?  Well, going into this challenge I had a story I wanted to tell.  I managed to write that story, tho it took only 20K words.  I added a lot of back story to make the 50K, but I think the original story would be a better read without the back fluff.  I am seriously tempted to take the time and polish off the original story, and perhaps publish it as a free eBook (I can't for the life of me see anyone wanting to pay money for a work written by a first time author that hasn't been professionally edited, but perhaps some charitable soul would be willing to read it on the cheap).

If I do, I will announce it on my blog, so stay tuned.  However I am going to wait until December before I even begin to consider going down that road.  For now I am going to enjoy Thanksgiving Weekend, and bask in the glory that is being a NaNoWriMo winner: