Sunday, November 02, 2014

Scenes From A Googleween

For the past few years my office has held a Halloween party so our friends and family can get a chance to see where we work, and have some fun.

The party is called Googleween.

This year we had some great food, fun activities for the kids, and even a special guest.

The following are a few pictures from that event.

Our resident Android got into the halloween spirit:
The menu for the event, displayed in our cafeteria.
Victor, the Viking Of Victory.
There were many activities for the kids, including house building with marshmallows and tootpicks.
One of the awesome Googlers helped the kids make magic potions (of vinegar and baking soda, and red dye for "bat blood").
Mixing the two main ingredients causes lots of bubbles occur.  The first time this happened Abigail dropped her test tube in surprise. The second time she enjoyed it a lot more.
A plasma ball hanging out on a Googlers desk.
The special guest?  The Ghostbusters! (Or at least an excellent recreation)
Who ya gonna call?