Saturday, December 06, 2014

Creative Cache Containers IX

This is the ninth installment of my creative cache series.  All of these caches have been spotted in the wild during my various cache hunts.  I hope that by sharing some of the awesome and creative hides that I have found over the years it may inspire others to build and hide their own creative caches.

Note:  To avoid spoilers I do not post the location or cache details of the caches I show here.  If you are interested in finding one of these caches, let me know and I will send you the cache info privately.

Some of these are simple, some are more complex, so hopefully the pictures and descriptions will do them justice.  So, let's begin.

The first is a creative hide in a brick wall.  A bit of stone fleck spray paint and some moulded hot glue make a decent fake rock.
This spooky cache was placed so cachers come over a rise only to find this fellow suddenly staring back at you. 
Sometimes all that is needed is a thematically painted ammo can to make a normal hide a little bit more special.  This cache was themed after a brick wall. 
This next cache was themed after Russian Matryoshka Dolls, or Babushka Dolls - those dolls that have another doll inside it, and inside the smaller doll is an even smaller doll (you've seen it, especially if you watched Sesame Street as a kid).  In this case the "dolls" are a series of every decreasing sized cache containers.
This final cache shows what one can do with natural camouflage.   This cache is in a tree in a median of a busy parking lot, but I bet few people notice that there is a cache hidden in that tree (tho its obvious from the right angle).
So those are the caches for this post.  I have more in the queue, so stay tuned.

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