Friday, January 09, 2015

The Haunted House Of Lake Hickory

Pictured is an isolated cove on Lake Hickory.  Somewhere on the shoreline of this lake is a house.

Scuttlebutt around the geocaching water cooler is that this house is haunted.


Our mission, if you chose to accept it (really, I already accepted it, so you have no choice - sorry 'bout that, eh?) is to find this house, and the geocache located nearby.

Spoiler Alert:  House is not actually haunted. Aside from a little spirit possession (Are you the Keymaster?), I saw no signs of astro-projected spectral phenomena (Dave is not here, only Zul).

It was cold, rainy, and misty - the perfect setting for a haunted house adventure. So I was happy to park on the other side of the cove (closest place) and hike around the edge of lake until I came across this abandoned structure.
The above is actually just a garage.  It didn't seem so impressive to me, but then I turned around and wandered 150ft thru the trees, where this structure emerged thru the misty woods.
This is the side of the house.  Clearly it needs some upkeep.
This is the result of ether a) years of abandonment, or b) one heck of a house party (I am hoping for the second one).
The back of the house.  You know you have real issues when your foundation has holes in it.  The house is a couple hundred feet from the shore, and with the trees in the way you really can't see the water.  However with some creative application of a chain saw massacre to the local vegetation, you'd get quite the view from these windows.
Interior needs some work.  Definitely a bit of a fixer upper.
This view of the side porch would make Mike Holmes cry, just a little, like a baby.

We are almost done - did you spot the cache yet?

This appears to be the front of the house - its hard to tell since the driveway is completely taken over by undergrowth, over growth, and all sorts of mean nasty naturey things.
I love exploring houses like this.  They always make me wonder who lived here, why did they abandon the place - was it financial, legal, criminal, or a long over-done practical joke?  Who knows.  I have zero information on this place, aside from the fact that it exists, and that it is the site of a geocache.

Oh the cache!  Did you spot it?


Thats cause the cache is not at the house, but 50ft away in a small bricked in structure that looks like it may have been a barbeque grill at one point in time.

Ha! Tricked you! (don't blame me for that, blame the spirits, tho this house is totally not haunted. Seriously, are you the Keymaster of Gozer? You'd tell me if you were, right?)

Once I finished exploring the area I bushwhacked back to the car, and was on my way home just as the sun was beginning to set. A great way to finish off a day of geocaching for Zul - I mean - Yours Truly.

See ya next time!