Sunday, March 22, 2015

The One About The Parrots

At the Flamingo animal habitat, just down from the flamingos and the pelican, was a flock of parrots.

These colourful birds were out so tourists could take photos with them - for a fee of course.  However since this is one of the few souvenirs we got from Vegas, it seemed like a fun thing to do.

So my wife and I got some photos taken holding the birds. The rules were no photography of people holding the birds, so we ended up buying them. They had an option where one could get all the photos they took on a USB stick, which ended up being the best deal (especially considering I'd likely never display a printed photo).

The rules may have been no photos of people holding the birds, but there were no restrictions of taking photos of the parrots whilst they were resting on their perches, so I put on my best lens for the job, and started snapping.  The following are the results.

One last shot... my wife hogging all the parrots :)  This is obviously one of the purchased photos, but it serves as one heck of a souvenir.