Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Avian Landlords 0x05

Since the last post I managed to improve my ability to get decent shots of the chicks that have inhabited a nest just outside my living room window.

I did some research and apparently cardinal chicks stay in the nest for 8-12 days, so we are right around half way done with this little experiment. Their feathers are coming in nicely.
The chicks appear to be about twice the size they were when I first started this little adventure.  Its no wonder, as they are fed a lot by their dutiful father.
Two mouths to feed keeps daddy busy.
Actually, the time between feedings can be 15-20 minutes long.  Baby birds are a lot like baby humans, in that when they are not feeding, they are sleeping.  

I have learned that they rouse and wake up just before the parents return to the nest, so the secret of this sort of photography seems to be keep a lazy eye on the camera screen as you go about your day, and when the chicks open their mouths, you have 20-30 seconds to get ready to shoot shots of the parents.
Sure enough, mama appears with a grub (caterpillar?) in her beak...
... which is fed to one of the chicks. 
Neither of the parents stick around for long, but based on the actions of these chicks, it won't be long before they return with some more food.
That will have to wait until tomorrow.  Come back soon to see more pics of the chicks and watch them grow from egg to fledgling.  You can see all the posts of the birds by clicking this link: Avian Landlords.