Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Caldwell County Fair

It is officially fall.  This means the leaves are starting to turn colours other than green, the days are getting shorter, the nights longer, the weather cooler, and various other autumnal things are autumnalling (as autumnal things do, and all according to plan).

It also means the county fair is in town (Carnie alert!)

On Tuesday we all headed over and check things out.

It is a typical small rural area affair - carnival folk selling carnival things, rides to be ridden, games to be gamed, various arts and crafts submitted for judgement to be observed, deep fried foods to be regurgitated, and something called 'funnel cake'.

The following are some of the sights and sounds (well, mainly sights, the sounds are mostly in your head), of the Caldwell County Fair.

We'll start with the centerpiece of the fair: ye olde yonder ferris wheel.
There are many rides, of course.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that my kids loved riding the dragon roller coaster.
It would not be a trip to the fair without getting some cotton candy.
Everything at the fair is moving, so I tried to capture the feel.

Another motion capture.  This sucker really spun around.
It is getting dark, so this is the last shot of the evening.
The fair goes on until Saturday, so if you happen to be in the area, you can drop by and check things out for yourself. (if you are not, sucks to be you).

If you do go, try the funnel cake.  I hear it's fun-nelly good!