Thursday, April 19, 2018

A Family Outing

Tuesday nights in my town are photography club nights. 

Sometimes the meetings are show-and-tell in a local studio, other meetings we take field trips to shoot things in the real world.

I don't always go to the meetings - sometimes I'm too exhausted from work, and lately we're in the middle of the NHL playoffs (go Leafs!). However this weeks field trip was to a local walking park, and the weather was an amazing North Carolina spring day, so I decided to make the trip.

Because it was such a nice day I brought along the family, and we spent an hour exploring the park and shooting some photos.

I, as you may suspect, brought some toys along to shoot.  The evening light was amazing, and I was able to get some good shots. The kids started taking an interest in shooting the toys as well once I set up a dinosaur and a sasquatch in a pile of rocks.

A couple of my shots look like this:

...and this:
The kids jumped right in, climbed up on the rocks, and started shooting like mad-children. 

I am not totally sure why but I love the look of my kids when they are in deep concentration mode.
They were having so much fun it was hard to get them to stop - but alas it was a school night so we had to eventually call it quits and head back to the ol'house for bedtime (and the Penguins/Flyers game on

I haven't yet spelunked thru their cameras to see what sort of shots they got, but they had a whole lot of fun, and isn't that really the point of taking pictures of toys?