Sunday, April 09, 2023

Shop Notes: 2023-04-09 - A New Beginning

A while ago I was asked by a cosplayer friend to 3D print her a prop.  Galadriels dagger from Rings of Power.   Tonight I finally got around to starting the print.  I am going to make several copies, one to inevitably screw up, and a good one for her, and one for me.   

This is the first step in getting back into making things in my shop.  I have been traveling for the last couple weeks, so I've been distracted.   As well as the dagger, I am trying to decide what my next diorama is going to be.  Since that will involve using my 3D printer, I have a couple days before I settle on something.  Odds are its going to be fantasy based, like my last couple of projects.   

Fantasy seems to be my go-to genre lately.  Ain't life interesting?