Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Shop Notes: 2023-05-09 - Cosplay Props

 I am currently working on a couple props for some cosplay photo shoots coming up in June.   I am painting up a couple elvish daggers, Galadriels dagger from Rings Of Power, to be used by a cosplayer/friend who has plans to be an elf warrior - super bad ass.  

I myself, which should surprise no one who's seen my face, have a Gandalfian look about me.  I have a Gandalf had and robe, but no staff. A wizard without his staff is a staffless wizard, and that's no fun.  So to overcome that I have started to 3D print a wizard staff.  This is the first time I've attempted to print something so large - over 6ft when completed, but it should go OK.  It is 14 pieces, and 12 hours per piece, so it is going to take... quick math.... a while.    Luckily I don't leave for this little adventure until June.

I am using my filament printer for this, which is a) cheaper, b) the better plastic for something thats going to get some wear and tear, and c) doesn't tie up my resin printer, which I need for my next diorama build.

I 3D printed the daggers on my resin printer, and primed them, well over a week ago.  This week I spray painted them with chrome paint, and am in the painstaking process of painting in all the gold bits.   It is a bit tedious, but with a good podcast playing, and a fine paint brush in my hand, getting lost in the details is rather therapeutic for the ol' mental health.  

Once the gold is done, I'll finish off the scabbards with a nice ivory of some kind.