Monday, August 28, 2006


Sunday afternoon I surpised everyone (including myself, as it turns out), and proposed to my girlfriend, Debbie. She said yes. I am getting married!


So, to answer the most common questions:
q: Have you set a date yet?
a: Nope, but we are looking at June, 2007

q: Where are you going on your honeymoon?
a: Dunno, but I can't see how it matters, since I will be with her.

q: How did you propose?
a: Well, I am glad you asked, since it allows me to tell you a story...

Lets go back in time, shall we?

Debbie and I have been talking about marriage for a while. So building the element of surprise into the proposal was going to be a challenge. The opportunity arose when I made plans to go visit my buddy, Justin, on Labour Day weekend. I got him to back up a story where we (Debbie and I) were going to head to Kingston Sunday afternoon. However, I planned on "missing" an exit and heading downtown instead... wine and dine her at the CN Tower, then propose on the observation deck. I figured all this out while in Taiwan.

When I came home from Taiwan, I spent the most wonderful day with Debbie. It confirmed everything I thought to be true about what a special person she is, and how perfectly we fit into each others lives. The next morning, I was standing outside the jewellry store, waiting for them to open so I could buy the ring. I had to get it resized, so on Friday I picked it up. Saturday night I got her fathers permission to ask for her hand. I was all ready. I was set. It was all falling into place.

One problem. I didn't want to wait. I mean, could you wait?

So, Saturday night I coyly mentioned that I wanted to go for a walk by the water (I always wanted to propose while looking out over a large body of water). She mentioned a place along Lake Erie, with a pier and a lighthouse. Perfect, I thought to myself.

The next day, I drove to the pier, and walked, with my sweetheart, to the end where we found a pile of rocks. We sat and talked for a few moments about our future, then I asked her "What do you think if we got engaged while on Vacation in October?" She said "I wouldn't be surprised". So I asked "what if we got engaged next weekend". She replied "I'd be more surprised". Then I asked, "What if we got engaged right now?", and pulled the ring out of my pocket. She then proceeded to hug me harder than I ever have been hugged before :)

Mission accomplished. She was surprised, we were engaged, and I have never been happier or more excited in my life.

I don't think she's stopped smiling since then. I know I haven't.